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Was recommended a photographer for my kids party. She made me pay a deposit which was fine.

When it came 2 the day of the party, she was late getting there, stood around most of the time & didnt come with the appropriate equipment (knowing where she was going for the shoot); a family member of mine had 2 tell her she was using the wrong equipment for the location of my party. Now she told me she knew that the place was hard 2 take pics in. I asked her to use her best "professional" judgement & if pics couldnt be done then fine dont take any. But obviously she stuck around.

She then sent me a bill for an additional hour of "work" & she stated that she was trying to leave because she needed to be home. Im sorry but im paying for a service & as a service 2 me the customer you stay as long as needed thats part of the job, she expected me to pay even though she kept saying how we needed to move things along because it was getting late. Again i was paying for her time & it was my party not hers so im pretty sure i had the right to do as i pleased when i wanted. After 3 wks of waiting for my pics, every single pic was blurry or distorted to the point that you couldnt tell if it was a person or thing in it.

I kindly requested half of my money back & she proceeded to tell me that it was my fault & that she didnt realize it was a drunken fest of adults instead of a kids party. You dont say those things when your supposed to be a business owner (no matter the situation); Im sorry, but the photographer was there to take pics not stand around & judge my guest or family that in it self is extremely unprofessional. Now it was @ a bowling alley, but adults have the right to bowl as well & i paid for it. As such i asked her to capture moments w/my guests & kids because we had been gone for over 2 yrs & my son had just turned 1 so you can see why this was such a big deal.

I sent her a message politely asking for half of my money as i think that would be a fair request its only $80.

She said she isnt giving me anything and i am to never contact her again. Devin Ojeda of Roseburg OR is the worst photographer in the world, if you use her your guaranteed to be disappointed!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $180.

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Marietta, Georgia, United States #864131

Ufff, what a nightmare. Place a complaint with the BBB, she probably does not even have a license to do business. Ugh.


This is what happens when you ask portrait shooters to do photojournalism

Roseburg, Oregon, United States #769158

I just had pictures done by Devin Ojeda Photography

And it was the best session I have had in a long time

Not only is she amazing at getting my kids to smile

She is soo sweet and has a huge heart

She only charged me $30 for my whole session (about an hour)

And she only took 2.5 week to get me my CD

I was very happy with her

She even let me look thru the unedited pictures because there was one pose i wanted to see that wasnt on the CD

I was more then happy with her.

I was very shocked to see her on this website.

But I will still be going to her this summer.

She is awesome.


to Ashley #817989

You don't have to lie, Devin...

to Ashley #819500

Go away Devin. Nothing was in its right place.

You've been a huge Let Down, you're Lucky that I didn't take the case any further. I've been Climbing Up the Walls ever since I hired you for my wedding.

I'd be Fitter & Happier if you'd just give in you're mediocre equipment and find a day job. Besides, you're a Creep and a weirdo.

to Thom Yorke #819763

2/10 I had a hearty chuckle

to Ashley Marietta, Georgia, United States #864132


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